Dino Crash Game Review 2023

Dino Crash Game Review 2023

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Have you ever browsed Google Chrome when  the Internet connection suddenly went off? If so, you have to remember the mini-game with a 2D T-Rex running and dodging the obstacles on its way. If you liked playing it, we have good news for you: there is a casino game inspired by the T-Rex game.

 The Dino crash game created by UpGaming studio is now available for all players and offers a tremendous eventual multiplier of 10,000X. I have tried playing this game and could not stand a chance to write a detailed review with the main features of the game, the best winning strategies, and other details you can find below.

Best Online Casinos Where You Can Play Dino Crash Game

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The Dino casino game has already gained huge popularity among punters, so you can find it on many online platforms. However, accidentally falling for a blacklisted casino can easily spoil the whole gambling experience. Hence, I have prepared a list of the best platforms to save you some time. And, of course, it includes MyStake. You can be sure that playing Dino on one of the following options will provide you with multiple transaction options, top-notch security standards, and responsive customer support.

120% Welcome Bonus
Up to €500
100% Welcome Bonus
Up to $500
Get Your Welcome Bonus Up To $90,000 or 3 BTC
Get Your 70 Extra Spins Worth $80
Get your 100% Cashback Bonus For Casino
Up to 1 BTC
Get your 150% Welcome Bonus For Casino
100% Welcome Bonus
Up to $100
$75k Weekly Raffle
Up to $75,000 Every Week
360% Bonus
Up to BCD 100.000
100% Welcome Bonus
Up to $300

What Is Dino At MyStake?

The Dino Crash game was launched by UpGaming in 2019 as a chance-based mini-game.
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The crash Dino game was launched by UpGaming in 2019 as a chance-based mini-game. It features a big green sprinting T-Rex, which is constantly avoiding being hit by a meteor. Your task is to make a bet before the round starts, and once the T-Rex starts running, the multiplier will start to rise as well. At this point, you must be ready to withdraw your bet before the meteor ends the game. But be careful, as it can happen at a random time point. The game is presented at many reliable casinos, such as MyStake and others.

✔️Release date2019
📉 Min. bet$0.2
📈 Max. bet$1000
💻 DevicesSmartphone, PC, tablet
🎰Demo versionYes

How to Play Crash Dino Game At An Online Casino?

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Prior to getting started with Dino at MyStake or any other casino, every punter should go through a simple algorithm of selecting the casino and creating an account. But for the newcomers in online gambling, it can be overwhelming to start right without tips. Hence, read the detailed review below, which will guide you through from A to Z.

Select A Crash Casino That Provides The Game

Probably the most important step is to select the right Dino casino with good reviews, lucrative bonuses, and safe software first. Always check the variety of payment methods and availability of multilingual customer support. I have already done my research and presented the list of the most trustworthy casinos offering Dino crash games above.

Log In Or Sign Up For An Account

After you have selected a reliable Dino Casino, such as MyStake or any other venue, proceed to the homepage of the website. Click on the Register or Sign Up button. In case you are creating an account, just fill out the registration form indicating your country of residence, name, and email. Also, you will need to select the preferred currency and create a username and a strong password.

Make Your First Deposit And Claim Bonus

Once you are logged in, go to the cashier section of the casino by pressing the Deposit button. Afterward, you will need to indicate the desired payment method. Next, provide all the needed information, such as the amount you want to transfer, the payment details, etc. Finally, confirm the transaction and wait until it’s done.

Find The Game In The Library

Once you have got your first bankroll, you can proceed to the Dino casino crash game at MyStake or another chosen venue. Just return to the home page and click on the Mini Games section. Here, you need to find the icon with T-Rex and click on it.

Begin Placing Bets And Earning Wins

Once you are in, I recommend you examine the dashboard for some time and understand the basic game mechanics first. Skip the first rounds, take a look at the gameplay, and pay attention to the wagering field. After each round, you can make a bet and cash out any time after the dinosaur starts to run. If you did that before the meteor hit it – you win.

Dino at MyStake should go through a simple algorithm of selecting the casino and creating an account

Dino Casino Game Features Additional betting and withdrawal perks below

Dino Casino Game Features

If you take a closer look at the gameplay, you’ll definitely notice that the game also has a few additional perks if you compare it to other crash alternatives. I have described additional betting and withdrawal perks below.

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Auto Bet System

The first unique feature of the Dino casino game is an automatic bet mode. You just manually put the first bet before the next round and click on the Auto button next to the bet. After that, the system will automatically duplicate the bet amount for the next round. The procedure will repeat for an endless number of rounds until you turn it off.

Auto cash-out

Except for auto bets, the Dino crash game can also allow you to withdraw your winnings without your participation. Below the betting field, you can indicate the maximum multiplier for cashing out and click Auto. For example, you can auto-bet $5 for each round and withdraw the winning streak at each round once the multiplier reaches x3. With auto bet and auto cash-out turned on, you can simply watch how you win.


Another prominent feature of the game is the ability to track other players’ bets and communicate with them using live chat. It is available on the right button corner of the screen. Just click on it and type anything you want.

Dino MyStake Demo

Dino at MyStake or another platform could be a perfect start, as it offers a demo version.

In case you have never tried crash games before, you might be worried about the need to spend money while learning how to play. However, Dino at MyStake or another platform could be a perfect start, as it offers a demo version. It means you will be given the virtual bankroll to use. 

Crash Dino Game RTP & Volatility

The Dino RTP game features varying between 96-98%

The Dino game features an RTP varying between 96-98%. Hence, the house edge is 2-4%. In practice, it means that in the long term, the game will return $96-98 from each $100 wagered. Moreover, thanks to the low volatility, you can expect to win more often if compared to the traditional slots with higher volatility.

Bonuses And Promotions

The Dino crash game itself does not offer any bonuses

The Dino crash game itself does not offer any bonuses. Hence, here, you need to rely on the selected casino. Some of them offer free spins or free bets that you can use for this particular game. Casinos with the most lucrative promotions, such as first deposit bonuses, cashback, reload, and even feedback bonuses, are available in the list I have presented above.

Play Dino MyStake Casino Crash Game On Mobile

If you are like me and usually play games while commuting or on the go, I have good news. Both the Dino demo at MyStake and other platforms and the full version are 100% mobile-compatible. Just download the casino’s app or open it in the browser, open the game, and enjoy a vivid and convenient way to play it.

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Dino demo at MyStake and other platforms and the full version are 100% mobile-compatible

Tips, Tricks, And Strategies To Win

Some strategies that help to increase your winning frequency in the Dino casino game

Although you cannot predict the results of crash games, as they are determined by blind randomness, there are some strategies that help to increase your winning frequency in the Dino casino game. Here are the most efficient, in my opinion:

The Martingale strategy.
According to this strategy, you have to double the size of the wager after each loss. After the first win, you need to return to the initial bet size. The logic behind Martingale is that you
will win sooner or later, and the total amount of won cash will compensate for the losses
The Parole system.
With this gaming strategy, you play in the opposite direction and double the wager amount after each win. Once you lose or win 4 times in a row, reset to the initial bet. This is the most popular strategy for careful players.
Matching odds with bets.
Finally, if you like using auto bet and auto cash features while playing Dino at MyStake or other casinos from my list, you can also try this strategy. For example, if you set up the automatic cash-out on the x5 level, then you can bet only $5. But if you want the system to withdraw at x10, then wager only $1 to mitigate the losses.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Dino Crash Game


Low volatility
Autoplay mode is available
Supports cryptocurrency
Socializing features
Winning potential of 10,000x
Provably fair gameplay


The 1% per bet house charges
Relatively low RTP
Repetitious gameplay

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Even though I consider the Dino casino crash game at MyStake and other venues to be one of the best games of luck in the market

Other Crash Games To Check Out

Even though I consider the Dino casino crash game at MyStake and other venues to be one of the best games of luck in the market, I realize that you might not like it. So, I prepared a few alternatives to check out:

Goal Crash slot;
Meteoroid Crash;

All the mentioned alternatives are unique crash games, like CS GO crash sites with their own theme and additional features.


The Dino crash game is one of the best games of this type on the market thanks to enormous winning potential, betting limits tailored for players with different bankroll capacities, and auto-play features. All these features are available on all reliable platforms, including MyStake. Dino is also crypto and mobile compatible with provably fair gaming technology. Even knowing it is a high-risk game, the loss percentage can be mitigated using the right gaming strategy. So, my verdict is that the Dino game is a great option for every punter!

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Dino Crash Game Review 2023