Rocketman By Elbet Crash Game Review

Rocketman By Elbet Crash Game Review

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Rocketman, developed by Elbet, is an innovative game featuring Burst mechanics reminiscent of Crash and Bustabit. The concept of the game is straightforward – online gamblers place bets ranging from $0.50 -to $99.50, the rocket launches and the win multiplier escalates with each passing millisecond. Failing to collect winnings before the rocket detonates will result in the loss of all funds. Take advantage of our game review and find out about the main gameplay options and bonus features, learn how to play Rocket Man Slots real money and discover useful tips that will help you maximize your winnings.

Best Casinos To Bet On Rocketman Crash Game

What distinguishes high-quality casinos? A remarkable selection of games, prompt withdrawals, fair gameplay, reasonable betting limits and responsive customer support.

Below, we prepared an extensive list of the finest Rocketman casino websites. Listed platforms were evaluated by our team of gambling experts who thoroughly analyze the products and services offered by each legal casino. So check out our suggestions and pick the best online casino to play Rocketman.

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About Rocketman Crash Game

Rocketman by Elbet offers a refreshing twist on the popular crash game genre. Unlike other games in this category, Rocketman focuses on a unique gameplay mechanic where the rocket propels straight upwards, rather than gradually ascending.

Rocketman by Elbet offers a refreshing twist on the popular crash game genre

Launched in 2022, the online game features stunning graphics. Its provably fair gaming mechanism, coupled with the availability of a demo game, makes it an ideal opportunity to attain substantial profits.

⚡ ProviderElbet
✔️ Release Date08.02.2022
📉 Min. Bet$0.50
📈 Max. Bet$99.50
⬆️ Max Multiplier20 000x
🎁 RTP97.5%
💎 VolatilityLow
💻 PlatformsPC, tablet, smartphone
🔺 Game Size15.9 MB
🎰 Demo VersionAvailable

How To Play The Crash Game For Real Money?

If you’re an amateur casino gambler looking for an engaging but simple game to play, you will not find a better option than the Rocketman Crash game. In this concise guide, we will walk you through the fundamentals of playing the online casino game.

Place Your Bet And Submit The Wager Amount

To place your first wager, you need to choose one of the listed casinos above, sign up and make a deposit. Next, head to the gaming section of the online gambling platform, launch the Rocketman game and enter the game lobby. Decide on the size of your wager using the casino’s suggestions or enter your bet manually and click on the “BET” button to submit your real-money wager.

Observe Your Rocket Skyrocket

As soon as your bet is placed, the rocket shoots straight up, multiplying your initial wager. Unlike the majority of online crash casino games, the rocket in the Rocket Man game defies the norm by ascending directly upwards instead of following a descending trajectory. This unique feature adds an extra layer of excitement and unpredictability to the gameplay, making it a standout choice for thrill-seekers.

Cash Out Your Winnings

Here, your main task is to catch the perfect moment to cash out your wager(s) before the rocket crash, as according to the rules of the Rocket Man slot machine, once the rocket explodes, all the bets placed by players are lost and the new round starts. So click on the “CASHOUT” button and secure your winnings.

Gameplay Options

The Rocketman slot offers an engaging experience for players of all skill levels, despite the gameplay simplicity. Due to its straightforward plot and simple rules, getting started and achieving success in this game is easy. Rocketman provides options for manual betting, automatic withdrawals, and even an autoplay feature. Furthermore, it is possible to make not just one, but two wagers and withdraw them at a separate time that suits you best. Let’s briefly review the available gameplay options below.

Manual Bet And Cashout

comes to Manual Cash-Out in the Rocketman Bet game

The Manual Bet is the basic gameplay option that implies you input the amount and place a wager by hand before the rocket takes off. When it comes to Manual Cash-Out in the Rocketman Bet game, the process involves tracking the rocket’s flight and manually clicking on the “CASHOUT” button at the precise moment to ensure your winnings are secured.

Autoplay And AutoCashOut

he AutoCashOut feature allows you to input a certain multiplier value, and automatically withdraw

You have the opportunity to enable AutoPlay, which automatically places a real-money wager for each new round using the same wager amount as the previous round.The AutoCashOut feature allows you to input a certain multiplier value, and automatically withdraw your winnings once this multiplier is reached.

Rocketman Bet Bonus Features

Rocketman by Elbet distinguishes itself from other crash games through its unique bonus features. In contrast to well-known crash games like Aviator, JetX, TrustDice, and Aviatrix, which only offer AutoBet and AutoCashOut options, Rocketman offers a range of additional benefits, including progressive jackpots, promotional credits, and free bets.

Wide Area Jackpot

The Wide Area Jackpot is a progressive jackpot that accumulates contributions from multiple players across various gaming platforms or locations. The purpose of the  WAJ is to create a larger prize pool and provide gamblers with the chance to win substantial rewards.

Progressive Jackpots

Boosterpot – the lowest level with a smaller prize, which occurs most frequently.
Rocketpot –
medium-level tier with a moderate prize.
Jackpot – 
the highest level with the largest prize, which is the least frequent to occur. but occurs less frequently.
*All levels of the jackpot are awarded through either “Mystery” or “must-hit-by” mechanics. The value of each “must-hit-by” jackpot is determined immediately after the preceding jackpot is won, using a certified RNG.

Promo Credits

After receiving promo credits, any wagers placed by the player will initially deduct funds from the promo credits until they are fully utilized, prior to withdrawing money from the player’s wallet.
It is not possible to convert promo credits into cash, but any winnings resulting from such bets will be credited to the player in their entirety. Promo credits have a validity period of 30 days, after which they expire and become unusable.

Free Bets

Randomly, the Rocket Man real-money slot game rewards gamblers with free bets. After receiving them, gamblers have the option to initiate the free bet round at their preferred time. Once the round begins, an automatic bet will be placed with the designated stake, and the gambler has the freedom to cash out whenever they wish.
*Note that bonus wagers are valid for a period of 30 days.

How To Win At Rocketman Game?

Consequently, it is not surprising that you might seek methods on how to win Rocketman Bet.

It is important to safeguard your funds while accumulating profits, even when engaging in simpler casino games. Consequently, it is not surprising that you might seek methods on how to win Rocketman Bet.

Fortunately, we have compiled a list of the most effective Rocketman betting tips, providing you with an opportunity to enhance your chances of success:

Comprehend the game mechanics to make sure you can use all the available main and bonus gameplay options correctly.
Determine the exact bankroll that you are willing to spend on bets to protect yourself from financial losses.
Practice your betting skills in a Rocketman demo mode to become familiar with the game without risking any real money.
Keep an eye out for any available bonuses or promotions offered by the online casino you are playing at, which are eligible for Rocketman.
Closely monitor the Rocketman statistics to be able to identify certain patterns in the multiplier values at which the rocket usually crashes and make well-informed decisions on when to cash out.

Mobile Version Of Rocketman By Elbet

Rocketman allows you to seamlessly play the game on your smartphone or tablet, enjoying the same immersive gameplay and stunning graphics as the desktop version.

Now you can enjoy the Rocket man online game anytime and anywhere, as Elbet has employed responsive web design, ensuring that the game adapts seamlessly to different screen sizes and resolutions.

Additionally, it has optimized the game’s performance to run smoothly on mobile devices, utilizing technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3. This allows you to seamlessly play the game on your smartphone or tablet, enjoying the same immersive gameplay and stunning graphics as the desktop version.

Pros And Cons Of The Game


Potential for big wins with the maximum multiplier of 20 000x.
Provably Fair gaming system.
User-friendly gaming interface.
Demo mode is available for free play.
Sensible wagering limits.
Multi-level progressive jackpot.
Free bets that are rewarded randomly.


Charges are applied to both deposits and withdrawals.
Mobile game version is accessible on any Internet-connected device.
Multiplier demonstrates a propensity for frequent crashes immediately after the rocket’s launch.

Rocketman Bet Predictor – Does It Work?

Rocketman Bet Predictor may be available on various websites, luring you with promises of accurate predictions

Rocketman Bet Predictor may be available on various websites, luring you with promises of accurate predictions. However, as a team of experienced gamblers, we unequivocally deem it a scam and strongly advise against its usage.

Despite its claims, we have found no substantial evidence to support its accuracy or reliability. Instead, we encourage you to rely on reputable sources and your own decision-making when placing real money bets.

Multiple reputable online casinos allow gamblers to play the Rocketman Bet game

Similar Crash Games To Pay Attention To

Multiple reputable online casinos allow gamblers to play the Rocketman Bet game. However, the choice of the crash games is not limited to only just one game. Thus, if you are seeking alternatives, you will not be disappointed.

One such example is Spribe’s Aviator crash game, which enjoys high popularity among players. This game revolves around a moving plane that ascends, offering the chance to win significant prizes at any given moment. It incorporates automatic betting functionality and enables you to track the outcomes of fellow players.

Another crash game with similar mechanics is High Striker. The key feature of these crash games lies in the rapid escalation of the multiplier, resulting in more valuable rewards.

For those interested in more bonuses and interesting features, Aviatrix is a game you should pay attention to. The accumulation of bonuses within Aviatrix is made possible through the utilization of NFT technology. Any player who chooses to deposit funds can join the daily tournament, and win a big prize.

Final Thoughts

Based on our comprehensive review, Rocketman Bet is an engaging game that offers the opportunity to win money while enjoying engaging gameplay. It caters to both novice and seasoned players with its combination of manual and automatic betting options. 

Additionally, Rocketman incorporates various bonus features, including free bets and the chance to participate in progressive jackpot draws. So why not become one of the successful casino players today? Register at one of the casinos we suggest above and place your winning bets. 

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